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Kenai Peninsula

From the Glaciers to the Ocean

This was a long driving day again. Starting from Denali area, we hoped to find some good flight opportunities, which are available in Cantwell or Talkeetna on the way south. But the weather was not good enough for good views. So we decided to continue our drive south. We stopped short before Anchorage and had lunch in a park. The spare pizzas from the evening before came quite handy. A local couple joined our volleyball session. Fun, but somehow strange people.

In Anchorage we stopped for short sight seeing after lunch. Most of use used the chances for souvenir shopping and a restroom stop in the conference center near the visitor center where Eric checked for options for the next days. Also try to get used to the city. You'll be back in a few days and it will help if you already know how to get around.

Live band in the bar

We finally arrived in Seward, continued straight to Miller's Landing. Eric managed to get a cabin for us. No luxury, but still it was a cabin. We had a small kitchen and some proper beds. After dinner, we all went out to a local bar. Unfortunatelly it takes the van to go to town. Thanx Eric. There was a big party with live music and lots of German tourists dancing. Imagine the band playing on about 2 square meters. We also managed to pu a one dollar bill up to the ceiling - holy macarony of course.

Seward yachting harbour

Next morning was boat tour time. But first, most of us went to the laundromat. It was not open, but we still managed to wash and make sure you wash here. You may not have too good chances in Anchorage and none any later. For my part, I prefered to take some early morning photos of Seward harbour and fishing beach.

Now the boat tour ... I won't go into too many details. We took the Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise with Fox Island by KenaiFjords tours. You must do it yourself. You'll love it. The weather was perfect. Blue sky. But it can be a bit chilly anyway. We stopped at fox island (former fox "farm") for lunch (all you can eat salmon buffet - vegi option available). On the boat ride we saw black/white dolphins, lots of birds including puffins, seals, sea lions, and a childish playing whale. We also stopped at Holgate Glacier but unfortunatelly did not see it calv.

black/white dolphins Fox island beach Whale tail

We had dinner in the nearby fish&chips, went back to the camping and some of us back to town to the bar again. Much less crowded this time and they had a open jam session. Just bring your own instrument and join the local musicians.

Next morning we hiked Exit Glacier. Exit Glacier is one of the north arms of Harding Icefield. It's a short drive north west from Seward. The hike to the top of the glacier should take you about four hours. We decided to rush and make it in half of the time. It went pretty well till all of a suddain some bushes right in front of us started to move ... and a bear head appeared. What now? We went through the normal bear encounter procedure. Arms up, speak loudly but calm, back out always facing the bear. From some distance we started making more noise. And then also the two young bears appeared but the family decided to move uphills. After some time we tryed to continue our way up, but we ran into the bears about three more time. So we decided to not risk any more and go back. The bear encounter was very interesting and impressive but scary too.

Exit Glacier Exit Glacier Sebastian, Trevor, Gordana and Urs at Exit Glacier

In the afternoon we took our way north direction Anchorage and stopped at Portage Glacier. This looked like a tourist spot. Nice but expensive gift and souvenir shop, some boat cruises, but nothing much to see for us.

Read about Anchorage on the next page.


In the bar in Seward Sandra, Michelle and Sebastian in the bar in Seward Tastes nothing like chicken Fishing near Seward Harbour Seward harbor Dolphin in Resurection Bay
Fox Island beach On Fox Island Eric on the boat (splashed) Near Cheval Island Near Cheval Island Near Cheval Island
Near Cheval Island Whale tail Approaching Holgate Glacier Approaching Holgate Glacier Approaching Holgate Glacier Holgate Glacier
Holgate Glacier Me and Holgate Glacier Resurrection Bay Resurrection Bay Resurrection Bay Exit Glacier
Kids don't float Exit Glacier Exit Glacier Exit Glacier Exit Glacier Exit Glacier
Sebastian, Trevor, Gordana and me in front of Exit Glacier Exit Glacier Portage Glacier Portage Glacier


  • Wildlife
  • Kenai Fjords boat tour
  • Beautiful hikes

Driving Route   

  • From Denali N.P. take George Parks Hwy 3 south to Anchorage.
  • Join Glen Hwy 1 in Palmer.
  • From Anchorage continue on Hwy 1 south .
  • On the Kenai Peninsula take Hwy 9 south to Seward.
  • Drive through Seward and find Miller's Landing a few minutes drive south of downtown Seward.

Hints and Tips   

  • Photo: Be prepared for strong lights, fast moving animals and some moisture on the boat trip. Have your camera handy when hiking (for the bears).
  • Bring wind and water resistant cloths. A hat and gloves may be very handy and don't forget sunglasses.
  • Be prepared against motion sickness. It's not very bad, but poeple who are likely to get motion sick should bring medication. And if you feel bad: the worst location is the toilet and outside is better than inside.
  • Don't forget about bears! Even though they should not come to Seward, you may meet some on the hikes.


Seward: Miller's Landing C.G.

Capt. Sherrie Miller
Capt. Mike Miller
P.O. Box 81, Seward, Alaska 99664
Phone: 907 224-5739

  • Showers, toilets (sligtly dirty), electricity
  • Cabins available (limited number)


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