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Dawson "Goldrush" City

The Heart of the Klondike

Dawson City

Welcome to Dawson City, the heart of the Klondike goldrush. We arrived in the afternoon and went directly to the tourist center to check out activities and places to go. You find the tourist center at the main road on the other side of the brand new public library and the Yukon visitor center. After that we took about an hour to explore the town.

Next stop was the Dawson City River Hotel with its camp ground. The hostel is located on the other side of the river. So you have to take the ferry which connects the two sides of the main road. The ferry leaves regularly about every 10 to 15 minutes (or more often if there is traffic). The camp ground is very nice, but quite basic. The bathroom is just a room with a wood heater and a few pots to heat the water... just imagine taking a shower ... but it's certainly woth listening to the owners explanations.

After dinner, we went back to town for a night out. A real urban bar! Chat with the local! PLay some cards! Have a lot of fun! And then back by ferry.

Aurora Borealis!

But the night was not over yet. Clear skies. What would that mean in Dawson City? Get ready for the Northern Ligths! We did. We were already going to bed. But the the show started. SOme green clouds far on the horizon. We got our cameras out. Is is possible to take photos? We gathered around and on top of the van to get the best views with the least disturbing lights. Get Erics Havana out. Celebration time! And the lights got better and better. Turning from green to purple ... moving over us ... like clouds ... or rather like curtains ... changing colors ... blown by a virtual wind ... all colors of the rainbow ... moving back and forth and around our heads ... just wonderful. How could one explain? You must see it yourself!

Next morning was hiking day. We drove into the city, ready for Midnight Dome hike. The hike starts at the city border and takes you up to Midnight Dome on paved roads. It's about an hour (or a bit more) one way. Enjoy the view over Dawson City and the wide valleys to the north. That's where you'd see the midnight sun late June. To the south you see the old mining fields with their characteristc rock hills; the output of the famous dredges.

Dredge #4 The Governours House

Dredge was the keyword for noon. After a quick hike back to town (thanx Eric for getting the van) we went to see Dredge #4. Dredge #4 is a museum and part of Klondike historic site. We got all the explanations about the Dredge and old gold mining on a guided tour through the old "ship".

We enjoyed the afternoon in town. The internet cafe in town gave us chance to connect back home. Rate was bout $4/hour with a minimum of 1 hour (which could be used as twice 30 minutes). We also enjoyed a proper shower at the public laundry. They have two pay showers. Shopping, writing post cards and posting them in the old post office (do it! it's worth the adventure. and the even use old stamps). And then we were off to the old Commisionar's house. A very beautiful place! But you have to book a guided tour in advance. I'd recomment to get the schedule just when you arrive in Dawson the first day and to book your ticket early enough (depending on the saison).

Gas Light Follies Eric witrh his sour toe wiskey

Now we just had to get ready for the night. Back to the camping. Dress in your best suite! Have style. It's casino and show time. The Gas Light Follies is a wonderful show. You'll have a lot of fun. Bring your camera to catch some snapshots. Btw. your tour leader will book the tickets very early. Next stop after this show was the old bar with the sour toe. Like whiskey? Try it with an old toe! The off to the casino at Diamond Tooth Gerties. You may decide to gamble. Allthough the gambling cannot really beat L.V. But you'll like the show. A real cabaret. Guests are welcome on stage. Be prepared to dance with the girls, ...

That was the night, for a long time. Bye Dawson. We'd not come back the next morning. Off to the camping. We'd leave towards Alaska tomorrow. Have your passport ready in the morning... Good night.


Dawson City Dawson City Dawson City Dawson City Dawson City Michele in the bar in Dawson City
The Northern Lights!!! Mining Fields Mining fields View from Midnight Dome View from Midnight Dome View from Midnight Dome
View from Midnight Dome Michele, Sebastian and Trevor on Midnight Dome View from Midnight Dome Dredge #4 Dredge #4 Dredge #4
Dredge #4 Dredge #4 Dredge #4 Old Post Office The Governours House The Governours Garden
Dawson City from the ferry The Gas Light Follies The Gas Light Follies Eric's Sour toe drink Eric's Sour toe drink


  • Explore the city
  • Goldrush bars and pubs
  • Midnight Dome hike
  • Dredge #4
  • The Gas Light Follies
  • Diamond Tooth Gerties Casino

Driving Route   

  • Get familiar with the ferry schedule.

Hints and Tips   

  • Have a look at the bath room in the hostel. Try it! If you don't like it, use the showers in the laundry in town.
  • Visit the Governours house. Guided tours are available. Check with the visitor center and get tickets in advance.
  • Stay up late to see the Northern Lights in late summer. Take a photo (even if you think it won't work). But be aware that nothing compares to the real one.
  • Bring a small camera with a flash to the Gas Light Follies.


Dawson City: Dawson City River Hostel

Dieter Reinmuth, Box 32, Dawson City, Yukon Canada YOB 1GO Tel: (867) 993-6823

  • Bath room, pit toilet
  • Showers and laundry in town


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